Modern Glass Artists

Glass has been a product manufactured by man for over 6000 years. Early cultures discovered it while making pottery, but it was not widely used until a means was discovered to make clear glass. It was then used for food storage. Eventually glass was used for artistic purposes. Stained glass windows have a long and respected history, especially in Western religious buildings.

Today’s artists are not restricted in their form or subject when creating art objects. Colours and styles are as varied as the visions of the artists who make these beautiful pieces. They can be small or large pieces and some art pieces have only one component while others have many. There are artists who have worked a lifetime to create beautiful pieces. Many artists work only with glass and others combine their glass pieces with other mediums to create one-of-a-kind works of art.

Glass art is formed in many different ways. Some of it is created using traditional glass blowing methods. While this is an easy way to create balloon or round shaped objects, many of these pieces are neither. They can take the form of clear glass or contain multiple colours within a single piece. The art of blowing glass has been a creative format where artists have continually discovered new ways to create beauty with this flowing and mysterious form of melted sand.

Glass can also be formed by using sand and metal moulds for a desired shape. While mainly used for industrial glass such as windows, these forms are also used by artists when they need flat pieces of glass to be joined in a piece of art such as a stained glass window. This method is also used when making many smaller and differently coloured pieces that will be joined with other materials for a composite piece. There are many choices for collectors in this beautiful field of art.