Ceramic Classes for Creating Fine Art

The definition of fine art is any type of visual art that is created only for aesthetic purposes. Fine art is only judged by its architecture, sculpture, beauty and graphics. When you choose to create fine art, it is ideal to take classes on the subject to ensure yourself that you in fact creating fine art out of clay. Below are the top two fine art schools in the United States that offer you the opportunity to create beautiful ceramic pieces.

Alfred University (New York State College of Ceramics)

Alfred University offers students a two year program to receive their MFA in ceramics. When applying to Alfred University, students must prove that they have a strong understanding of ceramic materials and the processes that are used to create ceramic pieces. As this university is ranked #1 by U.S. News and World Report, it makes for an excellent school for any students looking to fulfill a life long career in ceramics.

Cranbrook Academy of Art (Bloomfield Hills, Michigan)

At the Cranbook Academy Art the facility chooses 150 students that will all work together throughout the course of the program and be mentored by 10 different artists. What sets this academy apart from other art schools is that they do not give their students a curriculum. Instead, they guide the students themselves and allow them to work at a pace that is beneficial to their career in ceramics. All departments in the academy offer guided study groups, student presentations and visitations from guest artists. Despite their choice in eliminating a curriculum filled program, this academy is one of the highest ranking ceramic art schools in the US.